Top 10 Best Keyboard Under Rs.500 - 2020 - Best To Purchase

Top 10 Best Keyboard Under Rs.500 – 2020

When it comes to typing, we should always choose a Best & Comfortable keyboard for us. As there are many Keyboards in the market, we are confused with them. So, here I’ve shared a list of 10 Best Keyboard Under 500.

Best Keyboard Under 500

There are many types of keyboard in the market and people are searching for Best Mechanical Keyboard, Best Gaming Keyboard, Best Wireless Keyboard, Best Wired Keyboard, etc.

With the daily use, you can also use these keyboard for Playing Games as well. But, these will perfectly fit for daily and normal use.

Though there are many Best Keyboards For Laptop and Computes, I’ve shared the Best & Compatible Keyboard for daily use.

It is really difficult to find Keyboards at such a cheap price. So, here I’ve found out the Best Keyboards Under Rs.500 and going to Share 10 Best Keyboard Under 500.

Before we begin with products, here is the quick overview of the Products.


Best Keyboard Under 500

Keyboard NameBrandModel NumberPurchase
Amkette Xcite Neo KeyboardAmkette
Xcite NeoBuy Now
Logitech K120 KeyboardLogitechK120
Buy Now
ZAZZ ZKB0028 KeyboardZAZZZKB0028
Buy Now
ZEBRONIC- KM2100 KeyboardZebronics
Buy Now
Artis K10 KeyboardArtisK10Buy Now
Logitech K230 KeyboardLogitechK230Buy Now
Amkette Xcite Pro KeyboardAmketteXcite Pro
Buy Now
Zebronics ZEB-K11 KeyboardZebronicsK11
Buy Now
Intex Jumbo USB KeyboardIntexJumbo USB
Buy Now
AmazonBasics Wired KeyboardAmazonBasics
Buy Now

Best Keyboard Under 500


#1. Amkette Xcite Neo

Amkette Xcite Neo Keyboard

Amkette Xcite Neo is one of the Best PC Keyboard Under 500. It has pretty soft keys which will give you a comfortable experience.

The best part I like about this keyboard is, it is Water Resistant and it has 10 Multimedia Keys. It is a Wired USB Cable which can be easily connected to Laptops & Computers.


  • 10 Multimedia Keys
  • Spill-Resistant Keyboard Design
  • Noiseless Keys
  • Wired Keyboard



#2. Logitech K120

Logitech K120 Keyboard

Logitech K120 is another Best Keyboard For Typing In India. It has Spill-Resistant Design, Durable Keys and Thin Profile.

The keys are soft and easily pressable. The Space Bar Key is curved so that you can get the Best Typing Experience For Typing All Day.


  • Low-Profile Keys
  • Thin & Sleek Design
  • Spill-Resistant Design
  • Simple Wired USB Keyboard



#3. ZAZZ ZKB0028

ZAZZ ZKB0028 Keyboard

ZAZZ ZKB0028 is another Best Keyboard For Typing All Day. You can easily use this Keyboard for daily use and the price is under Rs.500.

It also has Additional 10 Multimedia Keys which is really great. It is a Wired Keyboard and has 10 Million time keystroke life.


  • 10 Million Times Keystroke Life
  • 10 Multimedia Keys
  • Indian Rupee Symbol
  • Soft & Noiseless



#4. ZEBRONIC- KM2100

ZEBRONIC- KM2100 Keyboard

Zebronic-KM2100 is another Best Keyboard For Typing Speed Under Rs.500. It has a Smooth Keys which can be used for Comfortable typing.

It is the Wired USB Keyboard with 12 Multimedia Keys and It also has UV Printed Keycaps. You can say, It is one of the Best Silent Keyboard Under 500.


  • Smooth & Comfortable Keyboard
  • 12 Multimedia Keys
  • UV Printed Keycaps
  • Regular Use



#5. Artis K10

Artis K10 Keyboard

Artis K10 is one of the Best Wired Keyboard Under 500. It can be the Best Keyboard For Everyday Home and Office Use.

The Keyboard has Matte Surface, Compact Size, Smooth Keys, Ergonomic Design, High-Quality Internal Key Membrane, Laser Printed Keys, etc.


  • Laser Printed Keys
  • Soft Touch Keys
  • Matte Surface
  • Compact Size



#6. Logitech K230

Logitech K230 Keyboard

Logitech K230 is one of the Best Wireless Keyboard Under 500. It is one of the Best & High Rated Keyboards On Amazon.

The Compact Keyboard is about 36 Percent Smaller than any standard keyboards and the Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless lets you work or play anywhere in your home or office.


  • Wireless Keyboard
  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • 36% Smaller than standard keyboards
  • less keyboard sound



#7. Amkette Xcite Pro

Amkette Xcite Pro Keyboard

Amkette Xcite Pro is similar to Amkette Xcite Neo. It also has Instant One-Touch Multimedia Keys on two sides of the keyboard.

The Keyboard is Noiseless and has Smooth Keystroke for Supreme and quiet typing experience. It is also Water Resistant to protect the keyboard from tea or coffee.


  • Spill Resistant Design
  • UV Coated Keys
  • Noiseless and Smooth Keystrokes
  • Instant One-Touch Multimedia Keys



#8. Zebronics ZEB-K11

Zebronics ZEB-K11 Keyboard

Zebronics ZEB-K11 is another Best Computer Keyboard Under 500. This Keyboard can be used for Regular Typing and for Home & Office use.

It is a Wired USB Keyboard and has Regular 104 Keys. Overall, it can be a great Keyboard under this budget and for regular use.


  • Regular 104 Keys
  • Wired USB Keyboard
  • Soft Keys
  • Best For Home & Office Use



#9. Intex Jumbo USB Keyboard

Intex Jumbo USB Keyboard

When it comes to design, Intext Jumbo USB Keyboard can be the Best Keyboard Under 500 with it’s stylish and attractive design.

Also, WASD & Arrow keys are in blue colors. It has really soft keys and it also has laser key printing. So, it can be a great keyboard under this price range.


  • Stylish Design
  • Standard 104 Keys
  • Laser Key Printing
  • Soft Touch Keys



#10. AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard

AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard

When it comes to Best & Budget Keyboard, AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard is one of the Best Amazon’s Choice Keyboard Under Rs.500.

The keys are soft and will give you great typing experience. It also has Hotkeys Enable easy access to Media, My Computer, Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up & Calculator.


  • Low-Profile Keys
  • Stop, Play/Pause On Media Player
  • Comfortable Typing Experience
  • 4 Function Keys Control



Final Words

This was the Article On Top 10 Best Keyboard Under Rs.500. Apart from this, there are also many Keyboard available under Rs.500 but I’ve shared the Best Keyboard To Purchase Under 500. These Keyboards can be easily used for Regular Work and the Price is really amazing.

Hope you liked this Article On Best Keyboard Under 500. Do Comment below if you have any query. Stay tuned with us for more latest Tricks & Updates.

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