Top 10 Best Tower Speakers In India - 2020 - Best To Purchase

Top 10 Best Tower Speakers In India – 2020

If you want a great movie watching experience at home, then Tower Speaker is a must-have gadget for your home. Tower Speakers are great inventions that will give you the best movie watch experience like Theater. But, for that, you have to select the Best Tower Speaker for your home. So, here I’m going to share the list of Top 10 Best Tower Speakers In India – 2019.

Best Tower Speakers In India

Even you have purchased Best LED TV, you still have to purchase external speakers like Tower Speakers. I have also shared about Best Home Theaters that you can check.

Though TVs comes with many cool features in it, still they lack in sound quality. Using an external speaker will be a good choice.

In this case, you can go with Tower Speakers as they have good quality sound and can easily fit near your TV with its Tower Design. Tower Speakers are also known as Floor Standing Speakers.

When it comes to Tower Speakers, there are hundreds of them available in the market which makes it more difficult for us to select. So, here I am going to share the Top Tower Speakers list.

So, without wasting more time, let’s proceed further and check out Top 10 Best Tower Speakers In India – 2019.

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Top 10 Best Tower Speakers In India – 2019

No.Tower SpeakersConnectivity
1F&D T60XBluetooth
2Philips SPA9080BBluetooth
3Philips SPT-6660Wired
4OBAGE DT-2425Bluetooth
5Yamaha NS-8390Wired
6Blaupunkt TS-100-BKBluetooth
7Mitashi TWR 860Bluetooth
8Zebronics ZEB-T9500RUCFBluetooth
9Intex IT-12002 SUFBBluetooth
10Flow Mini Boom BoxBluetooth

#1. F&D T60X

F&D T60X Tower Speakers

F&D T60X is one of the most popular Tower Speaker in the list. This speaker is highly rated and used by thousands of people.

It comes with Bluetooth & NFC that allows you to stream music from your smart devices.

Moreover, it has 3 ways acoustic design, 1-inch silk dome tweeter, 4-inches woofer and 8-inches subwoofer for each channel. This is one of the Best Selling Tower Speaker In India.


  • 4 Inch Woofers & 8 Inch Subwoofers
  • Bluetooth & NFC Support
  • LED Display
  • Side Panel Control
  • Remote Control
  • Wireless Karaoke Function

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#2. Philips SPA9080B

Philips SPA9080B Multimedia Tower Speakers

If you have a budget of around Rs.10,000 to Rs.12,000, then you can go with this Multimedia Tower Speakers.

Philips SPA9080B is another best standing tower speaker in the list that comes with powerful bass and rich sound quality.

It comes with many features such as 8 Inch premium subwoofer driver, high-quality sound, FM tuner, Bluetooth function, Karaoke Mic, DeepBASS Technology, etc.


  • 8 Inch Premium Subwoofer Driver
  • FM Tuner
  • Bluetooth Function
  • DeepBASS Technology
  • 80W Powerful Sound Output
  • Tweeter Speaker to Product High Audio Frequencies

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#3. Philips SPT-6660

Philips SPT-6660 Tower Speakers

Another Best Philips Tower Speaker is Philips SPT-6660. This is a 2.0 Channel Tower Speaker that comes around 10000 Rupees.

The speaker comes with 2 towers that can be placed beside your TV. The sad part about this speaker is, there is no Bluetooth connectivity option, so you need a wired connection for this.

Talking about the features, it comes with 2 Mic Inputs for Best Karaoke Experience, Aux-In & USB Connectivity, Echo Control, Super Bass, FM Tuner, etc. Overall, this is one of the Best Floor Standing Speaker Under 10000 Rupees.


  • 2 Mic Inputs
  • USB Connectivity
  • Echo Control
  • FM Tuner
  • 8000 W PMPO and Super Bass

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#4. OBAGE DT-2425

OBAGE DT-2425 Dual Tower Speaker

OBAGE DT-2425 is another Best Tower Speaker Under 5000 Rupees. It is a dual tower multimedia speaker that comes with Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

This speaker is ideal for the room size of around 250 sq.ft. It also comes with Volume Control, Bass Control & Treble Control to personalize your experience.

If you have a budget of around 5k, then you are good to go with this tower speaker. This is another Best Bluetooth Tower Speaker In India Under 5000 Rupees.


  • Ideal for 250 sq.ft. Room Size
  • Volume, Bass & Treble Controller
  • Bluetooth & USB Connectivity
  • Heavy Bass & Rich Sound Quality
  • V-Shape Sound Signature

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#5. Yamaha NS-8390

Yamaha Speaker System Ns-8390

Yamaha NS-8390 is another Best Brand Tower Speaker in India. Yamaha Speakers are a bit expensive but also delivers quality sound.

These twin floor standing speakers are capable to deliver high-quality sound with Woofer size of 20cm, Mid-Range driver size of 10cm and Tweeter of 2.2cm.

This is a wired speaker and doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity. Overall, this is a good quality tower speaker and can cover full room size.


  • 20cm Woofers
  • 10cm Mid Range Driver
  • 2.2cm Tweeter
  • 2.0 Channel Configuration
  • Wired Connectivity
  • High-Quality Sound & Bass Effect

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#6. Blaupunkt TS-100-BK

Blaupunkt TS-100-BK Tower Speaker

Blaupunkt is quite popular for its high-quality earphones, headphones, and speakers. Blaupunkt TS-100-BK is one of the Best Tower Speakers In India Under 10000 Rupees.

This is a Bluetooth Floor Standing Speaker that can be connected with most of the Bluetooth enabled device and has a wireless range of 10m.

The speaker comes with 200W Dolby HD sound with deep bass, multiple connectivity options, 6 different modes, touch control multimedia buttons, etc.


  • 200W Dolby HD Sound with Deep Bass
  • Multiple Connectivity Options like HDMI, AUX-In, Optical, USB & Bluetooth.
  • 6 Different Modes
  • Crystal Clear Sound with Deep Bass
  • Fully Functional Remote Control
  • Touch Control Multimedia Buttons

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#7. Mitashi TWR 860

Mitashi TWR 860 Tower Speaker

Mitashi is a well-known brand in this industry. This speaker not only delivers high-quality sound but also give you a stylish body finish.

This speaker gives a wooden like finish that will perfectly fit in any house. The speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity, Digital FM Radio, Karaoke with Wireless MIC, Bass & Treble Control, etc.

Talking about drivers, it comes with 2 Tower Speakers, 2 Tweeters and woofer size 8 Inch, 4 inch Channel & 1 Inch Tweeter.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 2.0 Channel Configuration
  • 5000 Watts PMPO
  • Karaoke with Wireless MIC
  • Bass & Treble Control
  • Touch Front Function Buttons
  • Digital FM Radio

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#8. Zebronics ZEB-T9500RUCF

Zebronics ZEB-T9500RUCF Tower Speaker

With 2 Mic Ports, 2 Tower Speakers and fully functional remote control, here is Zebronics T9500RUCF Tower Speaker. This is another Best Sound Quality Tower Speaker in the list.

The speaker has 2 x 10 Inch Driver & 2 x 4 Inch Driver. Also, it has 1 Inch Cloth Dome Tweeter.

Moreover, it has features like In-Built FM Radio, MP3 File Support, 2 Mic Ports, Fully Function Remote Control, Microphone, USB Support, etc. This is another good quality floor standing speaker that you can go with.


  • Built-In FM Radio
  • Microphone
  • USB Support
  • 2 Mic Ports
  • MP3 File Support
  • Fully Functional Remote Control

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#9. Intex IT-TW XM 12002 SUFB

Intex IT-TW XM 12002 SUFB Tower Speaker

Another Best Quality Tower Speaker in the list is Intex IT-TW XM 12002 SUFB. This is a 2.0 Channel Multimedia Speaker that 2 Floor Standing Speakers and fully functional remote control.

Intex has done a good job by providing a metal finish at the front of speakers. It gives the speaker a very fancy look. Plus, you also get a LED Display on the front side of the speaker, it’s like icing on the cake.

Furthermore, it has features like Bluetooth connectivity, Digital FM Player, Analog Control, Volume & Echo Knob, LED Display, etc. Overall, this is another Best Tower Speaker Under 10000 in India.


  • 2.0 Channel Configuration
  • Volume & Echo Knob
  • Analog Control
  • Digital FM Player
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Memory Card Slot
  • LED Display
  • Fully Functional Remote Control

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#10. Flow Mini Boom Box

Flow Mini Boom Box Bluetooth Tower Speakers

Flow Mini Boom Box is a Cheapest & Best Tower Speaker Under 5000 Rupees. If you have a low budget, you can get this one and it cost only around 3k – 4k.

Though this is a single tower speaker, it is capable to give high-quality sound and louder music.

It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, LED Display, Mic Option, Volume Button, Mode Button, and USB Port. Overall, this is one of the Best Budget Tower Speaker In India.


  • Single Tower Speaker
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • LED Display
  • Volume & Mode Controller
  • USB Port
  • Mic Option

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Final Words

This was the Article On Top 10 Best Tower Speakers In India – 2019. Apart from this, there are many other Best Wireless Tower Speakers & Wired Speakers but here I’ve shared the most popular out of them.

Hope you liked this Article On Best Tower Speakers In India. Do Comment below if you know any other good tower speakers. Stay tuned with us for more Products & Gadgets Review.

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