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Top 10 Best Umbrella Brand In India 2019

It’s a Rainy Season, So, if you are looking for the Best Umbrella Brand In India, then this Article is for you. Today I’m going to Share Top 10 Best Umbrella In India to Buy Online.

Best Umbrella Brand In India

Umbrella and Raincoat are the one which is used by everyone in the rainy season. Not only in Rainy Season, but Umbrellas are also used in Summer seasons as well.

In every Monsoon Season you might have to purchase a new Umbrella because most of the umbrella doesn’t last for a long time, but if you select the branded umbrellas, you can use it for the number of years.

If you are looking to buy Umbrella, then you might be confused between the different brands as there are tons of them available in the market. Also, there are many different types of Umbrellas available in the Market, some of them are listed below.

Types Of Umbrella:

  • Automatic Umbrella
  • Classic Umbrella
  • Foldable Umbrella
  • Bubble Umbrella
  • Storm Umbrella
  • Beach Umbrella
  • Golf Umbrella
  • Auto Open Close Umbrella

These were a few types of Umbrella you can select from. These Umbrellas can be used in any season and these are very Handy Umbrella which can be carried anywhere you want.

Here, I’ve listed from Cheap and the Highest Cost Umbrella which you can select according to your needs. Of course, High-Cost Umbrellas are more powerful and can give you the best results.

Depending on your Budget, you can go with any of these Umbrellas. But, before we begin with the Best Umbrellas, let’s check out some tips before buying an Umbrella.

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Tips Before Buying An Umbrella:

If you are going to buy an Umbrella, there are many things to consider before buying it. Some of the points are as follows.

Umbrella Material:

Before buying an Umbrella, you have to check from which material the Umbrella is made of. There are many materials which are used to make an umbrella. Normally, Nylon is the material which is used mostly for making the Umbrella. It helps you in Monsoon and won’t get wet. The Canopy should be made from the good material which can protect you in any season.


Another point to consider while buying an umbrella is whether it is waterproof or not. Many of the umbrellas are made from a special fiber that prevents the umbrella from getting wet. Also, all the umbrellas are well tested before selling them in the market.


It happens many time that our umbrella gets flipped inside out due to the wind. If you are using a low-quality umbrella, it will get flipped in a gust. So, before buying, make sure you are buying a high-quality umbrella. Also, you can buy double canopy umbrella for more protection.

Long Lasting & Durable:

Another main point to consider while purchasing an umbrella is its durability. Umbrellas like Golf Umbrella and Beach Umbrella are very strong and durable which can face the high wind. You should go with the umbrella which is durable and has double canopy.

Design & Color:

Final point while purchasing an Umbrella is its Design and Color. Once you get your umbrella with features like Windproof, Waterproof and Long Lasting you should go with the selection of design and color. It is the main thing which makes your umbrella looks better. So, select the Umbrella with better design and awesome colors.


Hope this guide can help you in buying the Umbrella. So, without wasting more time, let’s proceed further and check out Top 10 Best Umbrella Brand In India 2018.

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Top 10 Best Umbrella Brand In India 2018


No.Umbrella NameBrand
1AmazonBasics Automatic UmbrellaAmazonBasics
2Citizen UmbrellasCitizen
3Popy 3 Fold UmbrellaPopy
4Jordan Manufacturing Us904LJordan
5Sun Brand Folding UmbrellaSun
6Furper Automatic UmbrellaFurper
7Sun Brand Stick UmbrellaSun
8E-Series 5 Fold UmbrellaE-Series
9Elephant 3 Fold Umbrellas Elephant
10Swastik 2 Fold UmbrellaSwastik


Best Umbrella Brand In India


#1. AmazonBasics Automatic Travel Umbrella

AmazonBasics Automatic Travel Umbrella

AmazonBasics is one of the Best Umbrella Brand In India. This is an Automatic Travel Umbrella which can be used in Monsoon and Summer Season.

It is the must carry product which you can carry anywhere with you in any season. It looks similar to the regular Umbrella but it is a Best Automatic Umbrella In India.

The Umbrella is made up of steel and 100% Polyester. The Canopy automatically opens and closes in one touch. Measuring its length, it is 11 inches long after fully closed.


  • Compact Size
  • One-Touch Open/Close
  • 100% Polyester
  • Automatic Travel Umbrella
  • 11 Inches after Fully Closed

Buy From Amazon


#2. Citizen Umbrellas 3 Fold Office Umbrella

Citizen Umbrellas 3 Fold Black Office Umbrella

Another most popular, Best and Cheapest Umbrella Brand In India is Citizen Umbrellas 3 Fold Black Office Umbrella which you can buy online.

It is a 3 Fold Black Umbrella which opens and closes easily. As it is a 3 Fold Umbrella, it is very compact and can be carried anywhere you want in your luggage.

You can carry this anywhere you want and it is a Water Resistant Umbrella. Overall, it’ the Best Umbrella In India Under 200 Rupees.


  • Water Resistant
  • Compact
  • Easily Foldable
  • 3 Fold Umbrella
  • Made with Nylon

Buy From Amazon

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#3. Popy 3 Fold Umbrella

Popy 3 Fold Color Umbrella

Popy is one of the most Popular Umbrella Brand. It is a 3 Fold Color Umbrella which becomes very small after folding and can be carried anywhere with you.

It has an elegant design and is very handy product. The Umbrella is made from Nylon which is water resistant and the stem is made from Stainless Steel.

Moreover, the interior is coated with silver color. Overall, it is the Best Budget Umbrella In India Under 500 Rupees which you can buy online.


  • Imported Nylon
  • Weightless
  • 3 Fold Umbrella
  • Stainless Steel Stem
  • Silver Coating

Buy From Amazon


#4. Jordan Manufacturing Us904L

Jordan Manufacturing Us904L

If you are looking for the Golf Umbrella, Beach Umbrella or the Umbrella for your Graden, then Jordon Manufacturing Us904L will be best for you.

Though it is costly, you will not waste your money and the product is worth its price. The Quality of the product is really great.

Moreover, it has a Stainless steel base with crank raising mechanism. Also, it is suitable for all weather and you can easily set up this in your Graden.


  • Wooden Market Umbrella
  • All Weather Fabric
  • Garden Use
  • Stainless Steel Base
  • Crank Raising Mechanism

Buy From Amazon


#5. Sun Brand Black Folding Umbrella

Sun Brand Black Folding Umbrella

Sun Brand Black Folding Umbrella is another Best Classic Umbrella In India under 500 Rupees. The Umbrella weighs around 485 grams.

Sun is a Best Umbrella Brand In India which is an Automatic Umbrella. The Umbrella opens automatically and can be closed manually.

Moreover, It is a Long Lasting and Durable Umbrella which is made from Fabric. Talking about its length it is 37.5 Inches in diameter and 12 inches in length once closed.


  • Fabric Material
  • Black Matte Finish
  • Automatic Open & Manual Close
  • 3 Fold Umbrella
  • UV Protective

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#6. Furper Automatic Umbrella

Furper Automatic Umbrella

Another Automatic Umbrella in the list is Furper. It is one of the Best Quality Umbrella In India which you can buy online.

It has efficient sunlight-shading and heat-insulation. Also, the Umbrella is long lasting and durable which can be used in any season.

It is more elegant and new upgraded umbrella. Additionally, it has Wind Resistant structural design and Safety Anti-Rebound Structure.


  • Sunlight Shading & Heat Insulating
  • Anti Rebound Structure
  • Long Lasting & Durable
  • Hidden Umbrella Beads
  • Wind Resistant Structure

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#7. Sun Brand Stick Umbrella

Sun Brand Blue Stick Umbrella

Sun Brand Blue Stick Umbrella is another Best Umbrella For Sun, Wind and Rain. It comes in Golfblue color which looks pretty good.

The Outer Material is made from Nylon which is Water Resistant. Talking about its weight and dimensions, it has 730 grams of weight and 100 x 4 x 4 cm in dimension.

It is a large 52 inches Umbrella which will protect you in heavy rain. This is the High-Quality Umbrella with UV Protection. Overall, the design and build quality of this Umbrella is really good.


  • Nylon Material
  • UV Protection
  • Windproof & Waterproof
  • Automatic Open & Manual Close
  • 52 Inches Long

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#8. E-Series 5 Fold Umbrella

E-Series Black Check Vogue 5 Fold Umbrella

Looking for a Small Umbrella? If Yes, then you can go with this Umbrella. It is a Pocket Size Umbrella which can easily fit in your pocket.

Though it is very small, still it is much strong and durable. It is a 5 Fold Umbrella which can be folded 5 times and can become very small as your pocket size.

Addition to this, it has lightweight aluminium frames and they ensure that it is UV Coated for Sun protection. Overall, it’s another Best Sun Umbrella In India to Buy Online.


  • 5 Fold Umbrella
  • Lightweight
  • UV Coated
  • Small Pocket Size Umbrella
  • Lightweight Aluminium Frames

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#9. Elephant 3 Fold Umbrellas

Elephant Umbrellas 3 Fold Budget Umbrella

Another Small and Powerful Umbrella in the list is Elephant Umbrella. It also comes with 3 Fold which can fit in your luggage and can be carried anywhere you like.

This is a Medium Size Umbrella which has a size of 26 cms after folding. The Umbrella’s Frame and Rib is made from high-quality material.

It is a Manual Umbrella which opens and closes manually. Overall, its another Best Umbrella In India Under 300 Rupees in Medium Size.


  • Manual Open & Close
  • Medium Size
  • Folding Size 26 cms
  • High-Quality Frames & Ribs
  • Good Grip

Buy From Amazon


#10. Swastik Polyester 2 Fold Umbrella

Swastik Polyester 2 fold Umbrella

Swastik is another most Popular and Best Umbrella Brands. It is a basic 2 Fold Umbrella which you can use in Winter, Summer and Monsoon.

The Umbrella is made up of Polyester material and the size of the Umbrella is 21 inches. The Package contains 1 Umbrella of Black/Silver Color.

Apart from this, it is a Water Proof Umbrella which can be used easily in Monsoon. Overall, the built quality of the Umbrella is good and it’s also the Best Rain Umbrella In India to Buy Online.


  • Polyester Material
  • 21 Inches in Size
  • 2 Fold Umbrella
  • Black/Silver Color
  • Water Proof Umbrella

Buy From Amazon

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Final Words

This was the Article On Top 10 Best Umbrella Brand In India 2018. Apart from this, there are many other Designer Umbrella and Compact Umbrella to Buy, but here I’ve shared the most popular and Best out of them. There are also many Designer and Colorful Umbrellas In India which you can buy from Amazon or Flipkart.

Hope you liked this Article On Best Umbrella Brand In India. Do Comment below if you know any other Best Umbrella In India. Stay tuned with Best To Purchase for more latest Gadgets & Products Review.

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