Top 10 Best 3D Pen In India - 2020 - Best To Purchase

Top 10 Best 3D Pen In India – 2020

Are you looking to Buy 3D Pen or Printer? Whether you are a Kid, Adult or an Artist, 3D Pen and Printers are very interesting to use. But, as the Topic Suggests, Today I’m going to Share about Top 10 Best 3D Pen In India – 2018.

Best 3D Pen In India

3D Printing Technology is not new to the world. Nowadays, 3D Printing Technology is used in many fields to create 3D Models.

Normally, 3D Printers are only used in industries for creating models. Due to its high cost, everyone cannot afford 3D Printers. Printers like Inkjet Printers & LaserJet Printers are used to print on 2D Papers while 3D Printers can directly print a 3D Model.

But, there is a similar thing like 3D Printers. Yes, it’s 3D Pen. 3D Pens can be used in every house and can be used by everyone and it is much cheaper than 3D Printers.

3D Printers are automated and can make 3D Modelling just like we Print 2D Photo with Basic 2D Printers. While in 3D Pen, you have to create the models and design manually with hands.

You can get 3D Printing Pen & 3D Pen Filament at a cheaper price than 3D Printers. So, here I’ve shared the list of Top 10 3D Pens you can buy.

Before we begin with the Article, let’s check some details about 3D Pen. If you have never used 3D Pens, you can read this guide, else you can directly move to the 3D Pen List.

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3D Pen Introduction:

If you have never used 3D Pens before, then you should check out these instructions before using the 3D Pen. Here I’ve listed the parts and uses that can help you in using these 3D Pens for the first time.

Filament Inserting Hole: Filaments are basically the ink of 3D Pens which you can use to Print 3D Models. They are like wires that can be inserted through the Filament Inserting Hole, just like Hot Glue Gun.

Loading Button: Loading Button can be used to Load the Filament before starting the 3D Printing. You can insert the Filament through Filament Inserting Hold and Load it using this button.

Unloading Button: Before turning off the 3D Pen, make sure to Unload the Filament. You can use Unloading Button to Remove the Filament after the use of Pen.

Temperature Controller: With the help of Temperature Controller, you’ll be able to increase and decrease the Temperature. High Temperature will melt the filament fast while the low temperature will melt it slowly.

Speed Controller: While drawing 3D Pictures, you will surely need this feature. Controlling the Speed of filament is very important to make the perfect 3D Modelling where you can stop and take pause as well.

LCD Display: Some 3D Pens comes with LCD Display while some come without Display. Though it is not much important, still you’ll be able to see the temperature and different modes on Display.

Nozzle: Nozzle is the Tip of the 3D Pen which gets heated to melt the Filament. Once you Power On the 3D Pen, Nozzle gets heated due to which filament melts and you are able to draw in 3D.


These were the few features you can find in 3D Pens. So, without wasting more time, let’s proceed further and check out Top 10 Best 3D Pens In India – 2018.

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Top 10 Best 3D Pen In India – 2018


No.3D Pen NameBuy Now
1VAMAA 3D PenBuy Now
2REES52 3D PenBuy Now
3Imagery3D V2Buy Now
4Karp 3D PenBuy Now
5Think3D 3D PenBuy Now
6AmazingHind 3D PenBuy Now
73D Printing PenBuy Now
83Doodler 3D PenBuy Now
9Colido 3D PenBuy Now
107TECH 3D PenBuy Now


#1. VAMAA 3D Printer Pen


VAMAA 3D Printer Pen is one of the Best Selling 3D Pen In India. With this 3D Printing Pen, you can easily create any 3D Model and Art.

The Pen also comes with 3 Free Filaments of 2.5 Meters long of different colors. You can use any color filament to draw in air as well as on paper.

For better drawing, it also has Speed Control, Temperature Control, Indicator Light, Indicator Lamp, etc. Overall, this is one of the Best Vamaa 3D Pen In India.


  • Tempeature Control
  • Speed Control
  • 3 Free Filament
  • Indicator Light
  • Indicator Lamp

Amazon Flipkart

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#2. REES52 3D Pen

REES52 3D Pen

REES52 3D Pen is another Best and Cheapest 3D Pen In India Under 2000 Rupees. It comes with 3×1.75mm ABS/PLA Filament to draw in air or on paper.

With this 3D Pen, you can draw all kind of 3D Models and you can also draw vertically as well as horizontally. The package of the Pen includes 3D Pen, Power Adapter, 3 Colors Filament and User Manual.

Moreover, it comes with LCD Display, Temperature Controller, Loading & Unloading Button, Speed Control Button, 3 Free PLA Filament, etc. Overall, it is one of the Best 3D Pen Under 2000 Rupees.


  • LCD Display
  • Temperature Control
  • 3 Free PLA Filament
  • Speed Control
  • LED Indicator Light

Amazon Flipkart


#3. Imagery3D V2 3D Printing Pen

Imagery3D V2 3D Pen

Another Best 3D Printing Pen in the list is Imagery3D V2. It is a 3D Printing Pen with AutoOff and it comes with 3 PLA Filaments with it.

Whether it’s a Car, Bus, Bike or any other 3D Model, with this 3D Printing Pen, you’ll be able to create all of them. This 3D Pen is suitable for both 1.75mm ABS & PLA Filaments.

Apart from this, it also has many other features including Fast Booting in 30 Seconds, Advanced Unclogging Mechanism, Auto Shutdown, Temperature Controller, Speed Controller and many other features.


  • Fast Booting
  • Temperature Control
  • Speed Control
  • Auto Showdown
  • Advanced Unclogging Mechanism

Amazon Flipkart


#4. Karp 3D Pen

Karp 3D Pen

Another Best 3D Professional Pen For Artist is Karp 3D Pen. Not only for Artists but this 3D Pen can be used by many other people and even kids.

It comes with Temperature Control & Speed Control which makes it easier to draw on paper and air. You can continuously draw using this 3D Pen and if not in use, it will automatically go in standby mode in 5 minutes.

Talking about the Heating Temperature, it works between 160°C – 230°C which is adjustable. Additionally, it comes with Free 3 x 1.75mm ABS/PLA Filament.


  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Free 3×1.75mm ABS/PLA Filament
  • Speed Controller
  • Auto Shutdown Feature
  • Easy Filament Loading & Unloading


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#5. Think3D 3D Pen

Think3D 3D Pen

Think3D is another Best 3D Drawing Pen for Designer, Children, Hobbyist and Artist. This 3D Pen is simple and easy to use which is similar to a normal pen.

Similar to other 3D Pen, this also comes with 3 Loops of 1.75mm ABS Filament with the package. It also has Advanced Thermal Management due to which there is no fan noise.

Moreover, it has many other features including Manual Heating, Auto Standby Mode after 5 minutes if not in use, Advanced Thermal Management, etc. Overall, it is one of the Best 3D Pen In India.


  • Manual Heating
  • Advanced Thermal Management
  • Auto Standby Mode
  • No Fan Noise
  • 3 Loops of 1.75mm ABS Filament

Amazon Flipkart


#6. AmazingHind 3D Pen

AmazingHind 3D Pen

Looking for an Easy to use and user-friendly 3D Pen? Here is AmazingHind 3D Printing Pen for you. It is easy to draw 3D Drawings, Arts & Crafts using this 3D Pen.

With this 3D Pen, you’ll also get 3 Random Color Filament for drawing in 3D. This 3D Painting Pen also has Standby Feature that can go in Standby Mode if not in use for 5 minutes.

Like other 3D Pens, it also has features including Speed Settings, Temperature Control, Loading & Unloading Button, LCD Display, etc.


  • LCD Display
  • Speed Settings
  • Temperature Control
  • Auto Standby Mode
  • 3 Random Color Filament

Amazon Flipkart


#7. 3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen

This is another 3D Writing Pen & Drawing Pen you can buy. The Price of this 3D Pen is around 3000 Rupees which can be purchased from below link.

The Pen is similar to Hot Glue Gun where you can insert filament instead of Hot Glue Gun Stick. The Nozzle is heated to melt the Filament and you can also adjust the temperature of the Pen.

With the Package, you’ll get 3D Pen, Charger, USB Cable, Holder, Manual, 3 Different Color Filament and Stencil. You can easily draw any 3D Model with this 3D Modelling Pen.


  • Temperature Control
  • 3 Filament
  • Free Pen Holder
  • Easy Filament Loading & Unloading
  • Easy to Use


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#8. 3Doodler Plastic Create 3D Printing Pen

3Doodler 3D Pen

3Doodler is one of the most popular 3D Printing Pen. With this 3D Pen, you can easily create any 3D Model you like without any issue.

Unlike other 3D Pens, it has a completely different and unique look which makes it more interesting. You can simply plug and start the 3D Drawing in the air or on paper.

This 3D Pen also comes with 50 Strands that can be used to draw 3D Drawings. Overall, this is another Unique and Best 3D Pen Under 5000 Rupees.


  • Unique Look
  • 50 Strands
  • Easy Loading & Unloading of Filament
  • Easy to Use
  • Temperature Control



#9. Colido 3D Pen

Colido 3D Pen

Colido 3D Pen is another most popular and Best 3D Pen In India. It is easy to Draw in the air and on Paper with the help of this 3D Pen.

This 3D Printing Pen is unique in design and very different from other 3D Pens in look. The item weights only around 70 grams and is portable 3D Pen which can be carried anywhere.

Apart from this, it comes with PLA/ABS Filament with the diameter of 1.75mm. Overall, this is another Best 3D Pen Under 1000 Rupees.


  • Temperature Control
  • Free PLA/ABS Filament
  • Unique Design
  • Easy Loading & Unloading of Filament
  • Sleep Mode

Amazon Flipkart


#10. 7TECH 3D Printing Pen

7TECH 3D Pen

Another most popular and Best 3D Pen in the list is 7TECH 3D Printing Pen. This Pen comes with LCD Screen displaying the temperature of the Pen.

With this 3D Pen, you can design and print all the 3D Models by your hands. You can directly print in air or print on paper and then remove it.

Moreover, it comes with many other features like Temperature Controller, Speed Controller, Filament Loading & Unloading Button, LCD Display, etc. Overall, it is another Best 3D Pen In India Below 6000 Rupees.


  • LCD Screen
  • Temperature Control
  • Speed Control
  • Filament Loading & Unloading Button
  • Easy to Use

Amazon Flipkart

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Final Words

This was the Article On Top 10 Best 3D Pens In India – 2018. Apart from this, there are many other Best Budget 3D Pen as well but here I’ve shared the most popular and Best out of them. With these 3D Pens, you can easily draw any picture or model directly in the air and even on paper.

Hope you liked this Article on Best 3D Pen In India. Do Comment below if you know any other Best 3D Pen. Stay tuned with Best To Purchase for more Products & Gadgets Review.

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