Top 10 Best Hand Blenders In India 2020 - Best To Purchase

Top 10 Best Hand Blenders In India 2020

When it comes to Kitchen Gadgets, Hand Blenders is one of the must-have Gadget from them. There are many Best Hand Blenders In India but today I am going to Share Top 10 Best Blenders In India 2018.

Best Hand Blenders In India

There are many Kitchen Gadgets which makes your work easier but today I’m going to talk about Hand Blender and Hand Mixer. Also, using these Gadgets keep your food in good and hygienic manner.

Blending is very important for cooking food. There are many Indian Recipes which requires Blender to Blend and Mash the food.

But, when it comes to buying Blender, there are tons of options available which can confuse us easily. So, to help you find Best Blender for your Home, here is the detailed guide.

There are many different types of Blenders and some of them are as follow:

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Types Of Blenders:

  • Immersion Blender
  • Cordless Blender
  • Electric Blender
  • Smoothie Blender
  • Mini Blender
  • Stick Blender

These were the few types of Blenders you can get. I’ve already talked about Best Mixer Grinder and now I’m going to Share details on Hand Blenders. But before buying a Blender, there are many factors to consider and some of them are listed below.


Tips To Buy Hand Blenders:

While selecting a Blender, there are many factors which comes under consideration. Some of the factors are listed below which can help you in selecting the Best Blender for you.



The first thing which comes under consideration while buying a Hand Blender is its Brand. Yes, selecting the Best Hand Blender Brand is very important. If you buy a Cheap Hand Blender without considering a Brand, then it might stop working within a few months. So, select the Best Brand Hand Blender which is durable and has many specifications.

RPM Speed:

Another factor which comes while buying a Blender is RPM Speed. It depends upon the RPM how speed your motor will spin. More the motor speed, better the result. So, select the Blender that has a Good RPM Speed which can give you a better result.


Price is another big factor which purchasing a Blender. Every time It’s not true that more the price, better the result. Sometimes you can get better products at a cheap price. There are many Best Cheap Blenders which are really great in the price range. Also, if you have a good budget, you can go with the Best Quality Hand Blender.


It’s very easy to carry Hand Blender anywhere you want as they are compact. Apart from this Blenders, there are many other Blenders which are not compact, still, they are great for use. It’s totally upon you which one you want. If you don’t want to carry anywhere, you can also go with the Blenders which are not compact.

Built & Design:

Final thing to consider while buying a Blender is it’s Built Design and Quality. Who doesn’t love High-Quality Blenders with good design? So, if you are confused with the two blenders having same specifications, you can go with the Blender Design you like the most.


These were the few tips you can consider while buying a Blender. So, without wasting more time, let’s proceed further and check out Top 10 Best Hand Blenders In India 2018.

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Top 10 Best Hand Blenders In India 2018


No.Blender NameBrand
1Orpat HHB-100E WOBOrpat
2Philips HR1350/CPhilips
3Panasonic MX-SS1Panasonic
4Maharaja Whiteline TurbomixMaharaja
5Philips HL1655/00Philips
6Inalsa Robot INOX 1000Inalsa
7Easezap Hand BlenderEasezap
8Braun MQ505Braun
9Prestige PHB 5.0Prestige
10Boss B101Boss


Best Hand Blenders In India


#1. Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender

Orpat Hand Blender

Orpat HHB-100E WOB is one of the most popular and Best Hand Blender In India. It comes with tons of specifications under this price range.

It comes with a 2-meter power cord which covers most of the area. The blender comes with an elegant design and it comes with a power button on the side.

This is an easy to use blender and it also comes with a comfort grip. Moreover, it has Stainless Steel Blades which rotates at the speed of 18000 RPM.


  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • 2-Meter Power Cord
  • 18000 RPM Speed
  • Comfort Grip
  • Elegant Design

Amazon Flipkart

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#2. Philips HR1350/C 250-Watt Hand Blender

Philips HR1350 Hand Blender

Philips is another Best Hand Blender Brand In India. This is a 250-Watt Hand Blender which is very popular and you can buy it online.

You can use this Blender to make Juice, Chocolate Shake, Banana Shake, Chutneys, Smoothies, etc. You can say this is the Best Blender For Smoothies In India.

Additionally, the products come with Detachable Plastic Bar, Dishwasher Proof Shaft, Accessories, Instruction Manual and Warranty Card. Overall, it’s the Best Hand Blender Under 1000 Rupees.


  • Dishwasher Proof Shaft
  • Detachable Plastic Bar
  • Comfort Grip
  • Quick & Easy Cleaning
  • 1 Speed

Amazon Flipkart


#3. Panasonic MX-SS1 600-Watt Hand Blender (Black)

Panasonic MX-SS1 Hand Blender

Panasonic MX-SS1 is a 600-Watt Hand Blender which is another Best Immersion Hand Blender in the list which can help you with healthy cooking.

This is a 3 in one Hand Blender which comes with two straight blades and two bending blades. It also has an easy grip handle for easy handling.

Apart from Blending, this blender will also help you in Chopping and Whipping. Overall, it’s another Best Hand Blender Under 3000 Rupees.


  • 3 In 1 Blender
  • Easy & Comfort Grip Handle
  • 2 Straight Blades & 2 Bending Blades
  • Powerful Motors
  • Stainless Steel Blades

Amazon Flipkart


#4. Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix 350-Watt Hand Blender,White and Red

Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix Hand Blender

Another Best Blender Brand in the list is Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix. It is a 350-Watt Hand Blender which comes in White and Red Color.

Talking about its design, it comes with a beautiful and elegant design and a combination of White & Red color. It comes with super sharp blades for better blending.

Additionally, it comes with the package containing Hand Blender, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card and Detachable and Plastic Foot. Overall, it’s another Best Hand Blender Under 700 Rupees.


  • Super Sharp Blades
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Detachable & Plastic Foot
  • Hanging Loop
  • Easy & Comfort Grip

Amazon Flipkart

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#5. Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)

Philips HL1655 Hand Blender

Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 is another Best Hand Blender in the list. It is a powerful blender which is a 250-Watt Hand Blender.

The build quality of this blender is really awesome. It is a durable blender that comes with Steel Rod which is a Rust Proof Metal Rod for cold and hot blending.

This is an electric hand blender which comes with removable blades for whisking. It comes with two different Blades that are easily removable and can be cleaned easily. Overall, it’s another Best Electric Hand Blender Under 1500 Rupees.


  • Removable Blades
  • Rust Proof Metal Rod
  • Single Trigger Operation
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Powerful Motor

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#6. Inalsa Robot INOX 1000 800-Watt Hand Blender with Chopper DC Motor (SS/Black)

Inalsa Robot INOX 1000 Hand Blender

Inalsa Robot INOX 1000 is another Best Hand Blender In India Under 3000 Rupees. It is an 800-Watt Hand Blender which comes with Chopper.

Talking about its look, it has a beautiful design and looks completely professional. It is best for making Ginger Garlic Paste.

The Package includes Hand Blender, Wisker, Chopper Assembly, Measuring Cup, Instruction Manual and Warranty Card.


  • Detachable Stainless Steel Stem
  • Super Sharp Blades
  • Awesome Design
  • Variable Speed Control with LED Light
  • Hanging Loop

Amazon Flipkart


#7. Easezap Hand Blender Mixer Froth Whisker Latte Maker For Milk Coffee Egg Beater Juice

Easezap Hand Blender

If you have a low budget and looking for the Best Budget Hand Blender In India, then Easezap Hand Blender and Mixer is for you.

It is one of the Best and Cheapest Hand Blender In India Under 200 Rupees. It has a Stainless Steel Stirrer and Plastic Hand for Comfortable use.

This Hand Mixer or say Blender is Best for Making Lassi, Milk Shakes, Cold Coffee, etc. Overall, it’s the Best Cordless Hand Blender In India.


  • Cordless Hand Blender
  • Stainless Steel Stirrer
  • Plastic Hands
  • Hot & Cold Blending
  • Multicolor Hand Blender

Amazon Flipkart

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#8. Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender, Black

Braun MQ505 Hand Blender

Braun Hand Blender is another most popular and Best Blender Brand in the list. Though it is very costly, it’s worth buying it.

If you have a good budget, you can go with this Blender. It comes with PowerBell Technology and with Turbo Boost Power.

Moreover, it comes with Durable Stainless Steel Blades, Soft Grip Handle, Bell Shaped Blender, etc. Apart from Blender, the Package also contains Beaker and Whisk with it.


  • PowerBell Technology
  • Durable Stainless Steel Blades
  • Unique Bell-Shaped Blending
  • Turbo Boost
  • Soft Grip Handle

Amazon Flipkart


#9. Prestige PHB 5.0 200 Watt 2 Speed Hand Blender with Blending Jar

Prestige PHB Hand Blender

Prestige is one of the most popular Brand in Kitchen Gadgets. Talking about this Hand Blender, it is a 200 Watt 2 Speed Hand Blender with Blending Jar.

Buying the Package also contains Hand Blender, Blending Jar, Wall Hook and Chopper. The paper manual includes Warranty Card and User Manual.

The item weighs around 0.7 Kg. With this Blender, you can easily make Chutneys, Lassi, Milk Shake, etc. Overall, it’s Design is simple but much powerful.


  • 2 Speed Settings
  • Single Touch Button
  • Handy & Powerful
  • Blade Shield
  • Comfort Grip

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#10. Boss B101 125-Watt Portable Blender (Multicolour)

Boss B101 Hand Blender

Boss B101 125-Watt is another Best Portable Hand Blender In India. This is another Best Boss Hand Blender In India Under 1500 Rupees.

It rotates at the speed of 12000 RPM and has 2 variable speed. It also comes with 3 Stainless Steel Blades for blending various things effortlessly.

The Best part about this blender is it is easy to clean. The Package includes Blender, Wall Mount, 3 Blades, Warranty Card and User Manual.


  • 12000 RPM Speed
  • 3 Stainless Steel Blades
  • Easy to Clean
  • 2 Variable Speed
  • Powerful Motor

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Final Words

This was the Article On Top 10 Best Hand Blenders In India 2018. Apart from this, there are many other Best Kitchen Hand Blender but here I’ve shared the most popular and Best out of them. There are many Hand Blenders ranging from Rs.200 to Rs.3000 and here I’ve listed the Top Hand Blenders out of them.

Hope you liked this Article On Best Hand Blenders In India. If you know any other Best Blender, do let us know via comment. Stay tuned with us for more latest Gadgets & Products Review.

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